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#HereAtNU - Students of Color at Northeastern

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What’s it like to be a student of color at Northeastern?

Unfortunately, Northeastern University doesn't release clear and effective racial demographic information for the student body, faculty and staff. Sites that do report the University’s demographics include international students as an independent category, making it impossible to know exactly how many students of color are enrolled at the University. The Northeastern Student of Color Caucus has a document that further explains this gap in demographic reporting.

Numbers aside, students of color are routinely overlooked, tokenized, and subject to microaggressions. This prompted students of color at Northeastern to publicly share the inappropriate and traumatic experiences that they’ve endured while enrolled at the University; this movement is distinguishable on social media by the hashtag #HereAtNU. This campaign was led by the Northeastern Student of Color Caucus (NSCC), founded in February 2019.

Since its foundation, NSCC has been working to actively apply critical race theory to the #NUexperience at Northeastern, emphasizing the importance of wellbeing metrics for students of color and holding the University accountable for creating a campus culture that eases the discomfort and trauma felt by minority students. Some of the NSCC’s goals include increased protection for students, faculty, and staff of who disclose incidences of discrimination through a centralized grievance form; a push for the University’s 2025 vision to include an objective to hire at least 30% faculty of color; and continued funding for existing cathartic spaces for Students of Color, namely the African-American Institute, the Asian-American Center, and the Latinx Student Cultural Center.

Though the Caucus remains in its formative stage, they have finalized their first official leadership team, have founded the Coalition for Northeastern Student Organizations of Color (CNSOC), and have established a working relationship with the University administration to implement positive and long-overdue changes throughout the University ecosystem. The Caucus has additionally created committees to facilitate the execution of Caucus projects and initiatives; this currently includes a Parliamentary Committee and an International Student Advocacy Committee.

Students interested in getting involved with the Northeastern Student of Color Caucus may contact them at or visit their website at

Read more about the student of color experience at Northeastern by searching the hashtag #HereatNU and by following @NSCCaucus on Twitter and Instagram.